quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Workshop at Audiotheque, Miami Beach, on June 24, 2015


Leonardo Fuks: Building 99-cents Musical Instruments

WORKSHO(W)P (a show and a workshop)
Building 99-cents Musical Instruments

FREE (donations accepted)
liquid concessions available

7:30 PM | recommended time of arrival
8:00 PM | worksho(w)p and webcast begin

This is a Listening/Hands-On acoustics demonstration for the making of musical instruments and sounds out of unexpected materials such as straws and plastic films, resulting in "99-cent oboes and bassoons".

Brazilian musical acoustician, oboist and professor of music at The Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Leonardo Fuks has a passion for building simple but effective instruments out of alternative and discarded materials.

Geared towards a general audience with interest in instrument building, this half "listening session", half "workshop" aims to experiment, demonstrate and share some simple alternative instruments of Dr. Fuks' design that could effectively be adopted as "regular" musical instruments in their own right. He will also propose attitudes and strategies for their musical use.

This workshop may deal with the making of musical instruments and sounds out of unexpected materials such as straws and plastic films. He will demonstrate sounds from whistles and modified recorders, and members of the audience will be invited to make an unusual instrument.

The four instruments will include:

THE DUDUKTRON: a hybrid instrument that combines an Armenian Duduk with a commercial smarthpone app

2004: Playing Cell Phone on National TV 

Programa do Jo

The Cellphonica performs music for Cell phone and ensemble - melodica (Sheila Zagury), Cavaquinho (Manoela Marinho), Cello (Luciano Correa), Cellphone Shaker (Sergio Stern) and Solo Cellphone (Leo Fuks). The Themes are Mozart's Symphony 40 and Une Homme et Une Femme (Francis Lai). The audience of Jo Soares Show vibrates marvellously  with the music

THE SHOFFILM: a plastic film "shofar", that plays several tones

Video: https://youtu.be/ewdDUWCECSY



Brazilian eminent trumpet player Silverio Pontes is performing on a Fuks SHOFFILM (a film trumpet) , after having just being introduced to the experimental instrument. He preludes some brazilian themes, such as Tico Tico no Fubá (Zequinha de Abreu) and the carnival march A Jardineira (Benedito Lacerda & Humberto Porto).

THE CHROMATIC SAMBA WHISTLE: a chromatic samba whistle

Playing Percussive Bottles

The Whistle-Flute

Gymnarts for Musician, Athlete and Prepared Audience
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mctWkeWCf4  (part 1)

Video Recorded and Edited by Marcio Shimabukuro
This piece was presented in the 2005 Brazilian Biennual of Contemporary Music, taken place in Sala Ceciclia Meireles, Rio de Janeiro. 
The Musician´s role was played by Leonardo Fuks; the Athlete was performed by Cosme Silveira. This work does not have a proper score, but rather playing instructions for the games. The "music" consists of the sounds produced by the whole interaction between Musician, Athlete and prepared Audience. This group was completely aware of the ideas and rules of the piece. The General Audience is supposed to replicate the reactions of the Prepared Audience, such as during a classical music concert, where "unprepared" and unexperienced listeners tend to emulate the applauses and other conventional gestures of an "educated" audience. 
All participants are musicians from the School of Music- UFRJ
Referee- Leo Alves 

Members of the Prepared Audience

Maluco Beleza , at Psychiatric Institution, with Selja Flute

Cyclophonica on Bloch`s Film - On Wheels

This short video shows the basic ideas and proposals of the Cyclophonica Project. The group plays in front of the Opera House, Cinelandia Square, vicinity of Modern Art Museum and the Flamengo Park. The themes are Vila=Lobos' "Trenzinho do Caipira", Carmen Habanera (Bizet), Ravel's Bolero and Baião by Luiz Gonzaga.

Playing with Carlos Malta at Cyclophonica


Ice Oboe

Leo Fuks builds an ice oboe on national Braziiian TV, with anchor woman Ana Maria Braga. A silicon mold was used and the performer played different tones.

THE PLASTIC FILM OBOE and FILM BASSOON: a very simplified and cheap double-reed instrument

Upon conclusion of his workshop/demo, Leonardo Fuks will put together a final performance involving audience/participants

The Didgeriball


This is a PVC pipe didgeridoo like instrument that allows different air-column lengths. 
This is done by means of rubber-ball valves mounted on "T-joints", that were mechanicaly prepared for that. 
This "novel" type of mechanism, with ball valves, in the process of patenting, was conceived by musician and acoustician Leonardo Fuks and may be applied to several kinds of wind instruments. 
The name DIDGERIBALL is only a fantasy name and refers to the original system that contains several rubber balls, what calls the attention of the audience. However, the balls could be replaced by other objects, with several shapes and profiles, that would cover and seal the tone holes.

The Talking Bottle



Demo-Rehearsal of the BALLUNGS I piece by Leonardo Fuks, during music acoustics class. UFRJ-School of Music classroom. Trumpet: Rhuan.

Playing a Clarinet on the Bike


Jamming on the Vuvuzela with a 18 months old boy


Leonardo Fuks
Leonardo Fuks is associate professor in music acoustics and voice science at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, School of Music.
A professionaly trained oboist, prof. Fuks is a mechanical engineer, a master in production engineer and a PhD in music acoustics, obtained in Sweden (KTH) under the supervision of Prof. Johan Sundberg.
As an orchestra oboist, prof Fuks played with Orquestra Sinfônica do Paraná and Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro for several years. In contemporary music, played- among others- under the direction of Koellreuter and Jocy de Oliveira..
Leonardo Fuks is an instrument maker and designer , founder of Cyclophonica- Bicycle ChamberOrchestra , and has been a speaker and instructor in workshops, concerts e congresses in Japan , USA , Germany , Switzerland , Denmark, Scotland , Italy , Mexico and Sweden .
Pictures from the Workshop at Audiotheque, on June 24, 2015

Leonardo Fuks plays "Ballung" on a plastic trumpet with balloon


Percuted Pipes- Salomon Islands

João do Pife (Banda Dois Irmãos) playing his own flute (Pife, a Brazilian Fife)


Purunuma/Purunao Usi (Yanomami)

 xavantes aborignals preparing for the Buriti Race (a competition consisting of running and carrying a palm log)

 a workshop with music teachers at Brazilian Music Conservatory (CBM, Rio de Janeiro)
Photos by  Lélia Campos